Livolo is the Satisfaction's Guarantee

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Livolo is the Satisfaction's Guarantee


Although the Livolo swiches represent High Quality, anything could happen- it could happen with the bestproducts, too, that some defective items are in market.

Also it could happen that when you keep it in your hand you don't like it.

Everybody has a different taste.

Anyway,if you have any issue with them it is important what will happen after you realise that the Livolo swich is rather not for you.



Livolo is the Satisfaction's Guarantee



The pleasure of waiting


It is an exciting prococation when you design your house/flat. You search about this theme in so many catalogue, web pages, looking for some ideas, even you're hire some designers to have everything from the best quality in your dream house.

But it could happen, vainly are the Livolo swiches elegant, useless is the cristal glitter of swiches, if some reasons they are not matc with your house's style.



Livolo is the Satisfaction's Guarantee



Your satisfaction is important to us


Is most important that you  to be satisfied with any kind of product bought from us. That's why we have a great opportunity to offer to you a -Money back Guarantee- if you had not get what you wanted.

You have possibility to return the product in 15 days and we send back the product's price.

So, you don't take any risk if you try our products. Or if you want to change the product that you bought from us to another with other colour or type, you can,because we change it.



"I bought several switches and connectors. I am completely satisfied with all of them. For example, if there is a switch outside of a room, you do not have to open it to see if I switch on I forgot. The remote controls work perfectly."
- Mr. James (Brighton)
"I am very pleased to find this special switch family because I've been looking for something very different, very new, very cleverly elegant, with a unique device for switching the lamps to the beautiful appearance of the connectors."
- Mr. Peter (Bristol)
"Finally, an innovative or aesthetic product that does not extend the range of traditional switches. They are great for traditional and LED light sources as well. At present I am constantly replacing traditional switches and sockets with LIVOLO's products. I can only recommend it to everyone."
- Mrs. Alice (Leeds)
"The color choices make it easy for me to adapt to the style of the apartment. The prices of the glass switches so far known to me are the most favorable. In short, this LIVOLO family gives me the comfort and aesthetics I have long waited for."
- Mr. Steve (Glasgow)
"I'm satisfied with the purchased touch switches, covering all of the features described on their website in all their parameters. I got the correct information on their awesome page and the product did the job. I got what I expected. A comparable product similar in price and quality is not found on the market."
- Mr. Simon (Bournemouth)