Luxury to all rooms: touch controllers in the flat

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Luxury to all rooms: touch controllers in the flat


Have you noticed, that we tend to treat rooms such as kitchen or bathroom in an unfair way?

Let me explain.

The central space is the living room, that is where we lead our guests, spend most of our time and that is what we give more attention to. It’s like a shop-case where we can show ourselves.



Every room needs a bit of a luxury


It’s high time we broke up with the customes of letting down some of our rooms, dealing only with our living room. We can only create united style within the flat if we take care of the tiny details, for example lamp switches.


The kitchen and the bathroom both deserves an elegant LIVOLO touch switch just as much as other rooms do, even if we spend less time in those, because in a good-looking home all the details are as they need to be, and we ought to think about that in the planning phase if we want our home to end up solid and modern.




Special needs are no setbacks


Among Livolo switches you can find yours ready to fit your extra need let it be a kitchen or a bathroom. Why doesn’t any switch fit to the above mentioned?


Mostly, because of steam. Because of that, they are more vulnerable than the ones in other places.


Livolo’s waterproof touch switches prevent closures while the back panel’s crayon cover makes the switches totally fireproof. Are these boring facts?


Maybe, but next to design, security is an angle we ought to look at. A light switch can be exclusive and good-looking, if it doesn’t fit the security measures it doesn’t matter.


There is no need for a compromise, with Livolo light switches, with it’s beautiful crystal glass look it has technologies giving you not just the look, but full security aswell.




"I bought several switches and connectors. I am completely satisfied with all of them. For example, if there is a switch outside of a room, you do not have to open it to see if I switch on I forgot. The remote controls work perfectly."
- Mr. James (Brighton)
"I am very pleased to find this special switch family because I've been looking for something very different, very new, very cleverly elegant, with a unique device for switching the lamps to the beautiful appearance of the connectors."
- Mr. Peter (Bristol)
"Finally, an innovative or aesthetic product that does not extend the range of traditional switches. They are great for traditional and LED light sources as well. At present I am constantly replacing traditional switches and sockets with LIVOLO's products. I can only recommend it to everyone."
- Mrs. Alice (Leeds)
"The color choices make it easy for me to adapt to the style of the apartment. The prices of the glass switches so far known to me are the most favorable. In short, this LIVOLO family gives me the comfort and aesthetics I have long waited for."
- Mr. Steve (Glasgow)
"I'm satisfied with the purchased touch switches, covering all of the features described on their website in all their parameters. I got the correct information on their awesome page and the product did the job. I got what I expected. A comparable product similar in price and quality is not found on the market."
- Mr. Simon (Bournemouth)